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Easy with an Itty Bitty Quilt

Itty Bitty quilt kits give you an easy way to celebrate a baby’s arrival for generations to come. Itty Bitty baby quilt kits have been designed with the beginner quilter in mind. No quilting experience necessary! We’ve tested every step to make sure it’s easy, doesn’t require any specialized tools, and most importantly is fun! An Itty Bitty quilt kit helps keep it easy in several ways.
An easy four panel quilt pattern keeps the baby quilts simple, modern and manageable.  With just 4-6 hours of your time, you’ll have a lasting baby keepsake.
We’ve worked hard to ensure that our quilt kits show clearly how to go through each step in the quilting process. You’ll also find full color photographs illustrating each step.
All of the fabrics in an Itty Bitty quilt kit are pre cut so there’s no cutting or calculating fabric yardage.  Your quilt pieces are all ready to go.
Our kits include all the quilting supplies you need to hit the ground running.  From bias to batting and beyond, we’ve got you covered.
We know how hard it can be to put together a great looking baby quilt pattern. No one wants to put hours of work into a quilt only to find that the end result wasn’t the coordinated look they were hoping for.  With an Itty Bitty quilt kit, you can be confident that your finished quilt design will look great.
We’ve sourced the good stuff.  Each of our quilt kits features premium quilt fabrics that we’ve carefully sourced from a variety of talented artists.  We’ve worked hard to find unique, beautiful quilting fabrics that you won’t find at your everyday fabric store.   
No handmade quilt is complete without being signed.  All of our quilt kits include a personalized label to give the finishing touch on your heirloom quilt.   You’ll be able to select a label that features your name, or one that features your name along with the baby’s name.  Each label is hand stamped with care at the Itty Bitty Handmade studio here in Louisville, Colorado.